Magnetic Paint

Definition: Magnetic Paint

It is based acrylic paint with water based on proprietary formula contained in it very small particles of iron. Painted floor nozzle collect iron particles thus attracting magnet. If greater number of paint layers, the greater strength of the magnetic attracting.The paint is designed to paint primer for acrylic paint.

With our magnetic paint you can turn the wall on each magnetic surface. Magnet paint is paint primer paint on acrylic paint. Can also be used to paint the tables turning the area into an array!

Where to apply?

In schools

In nursery

The children’s room

In the workplace

In the office

Magnetic Paint contains no lead, solvents or other harmful volatile substances. He can make the wall acquires properties such as size refrigerator – attracts magnets.

At home, using it is easy to decorate your wall of photos, letters, children art while avoiding the use of pins, glue and tape, which damage and dirt surface.

In the corridor on a separate piece of the wall, you can post messages for co-residents, notes, correspondence and bills. The use of magnetic ink in the office, meeting rooms and training allows for a large and practical workspace, where is the need to use large quantities of notes, printed materials, charts, tables. However, used in your company or showroom will highlight information about promotions and discounts to customers.

The paint can be used on all surfaces, which can be painted with acrylic paints, including the surfaces of concrete, masonry, plasterboard and gypsum and plaster. Magnetic paint to cover the surface with paint obtaining a uniform color on the wall.

  • Definicja: Farba magnetyczna

    Jest to farba akrylowa oparta na bazie wodnej z zastrzeżoną recepturą zawartych w niej bardzo drobnych cząstkach żelaza. Pomalowania powierzchnia gromadzi cząstki żelaza przyciągając w ten sposób magnes. Im większa ilość warstw, tym większa siła przyciągania.Farba magnetyczna przeznaczona jest do malowania jako farba podkładowa do farb akrylowych.